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Handcrafted Huánuco Earrings and Necklaces

The perfect complement for our Pretentious Huanuqueñas!

Product Details

Our earrings and necklaces are made of high-quality wood and MDF, designed and hand-painted by artisans from the district of Amarilis - Huánuco.

Each of them is a unique and exclusive piece, inspired by the history, customs, and traditions of our Very Noble and Very Loyal City of the Knights of León de Huánuco.

The Negritos de Huánuco (Cultural Heritage of the Nation), the Amarilis flower, the Crossed Hands of Kotosh, the Fortress of Huánuco Pampa, the Pillco Bird, the hummingbirds of the Monte Potrero Reserve, among others, are part of our collection.

Our brand "Huanuqueñita.Com" is registered with INDECOPI.

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Asociación Cultural Turística y Artesanal Amarilis



Phone Number:

+51 996 995 783

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