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02. Café Premium Aromas de Monzón (250gr.) (Café Molido) 1500x1000.png
Aromas de Monzón

Enjoy exquisite coffee from the Monzón valley with all your heart.

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Aromas de Monzon is known for offering Arabica coffees grown at various altitudes (ranging from 1500 to 1900 meters above sea level) and in tropical climates. These factors contribute to the desirable taste of our coffee. We work with the varieties Tipica, Caturra, Gran Colombia, and Catimor, carefully selecting each one. Our coffee has a fruity aroma with notes of citrus, panela, and intense fruit flavors. Our cups have a smooth body and balance, and are consistently delicate. Our cup quality ranges from 80 to 85 points.



  • Premium Aromas de Monzón Coffee is available in medium roast and medium grind, and is presented in 100g and 250g sizes.

  • Roasted coffee in 250g, 500g, and 1kg presentations, as well as bulk orders.


  • Special green gold coffee beans - Weight as per customer's request. Maximum capacity: 100 tons.


  • Parchment coffee weight can be requested by the customer, with a maximum capacity of 150 tons.

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Aromas de Mozón S.A.C



Phone Number:

+51 993 249 543

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