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Mysticism and living culture

Enter the impressive jungle of Puerto Inca, Huánuco, where wildlife and lush vegetation paint a dreamlike picture. Explore this Eden of biodiversity, where hidden waterfalls and mysterious trails will guide you through a unique experience in the Peruvian Amazon. Come and discover the green wonder of Huánuco!



Jungle and mysticism are intertwined in Puerto Inca, Huánuco. Discover its nature and spiritual secrets in this unique Amazonian corner.

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Codo del Pozuzo


With a history that dates back to the Austro-German colonizations, it is today a town that celebrates its racial diversity, where Europeans, Austro-Germans, Peruvian ethnic groups and migrants mix in harmony. Its main tourist attractions embrace water currents and a Regional Conservation Area.


Huánuco displays its tourist wealth, ranging from its historical and cultural legacy to the majesty of its jungle, offering the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience in a unique natural environment.

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